Wat Maha Wananaram

Wat Maha Wananaram temple or Wat Pa Yai

Given the location of the temple in the midst of dense forest (pa yai in Thai) in times past, the temple was aptly named Wat Pa Yai. The temple houses Phra Chai Yai In Paeng, a revered Buddha image in the Mara Vijaya posture (Victory over Mara or Subduing Mara, the demon), also commissioned by the ruling nobility of Ubon Ratchathani.

It is the only temple that has preserved the ancient northeastern style of chanting and preaching. Phra Chai Yai In Paeng is also invoked in merit-making rituals during the Songkran Thai New Year celebrations, every April.


Sanpasit Road, Ubon Ratchathani city centre.


  • Tourism Authority of Thailand

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