Wat Thung Sri Muang

The temple, situated near Thung Sri Muang Park, was built during the reign of King Rama III. Two noteworthy artifacts are found within the temple grounds.

The ubosoth (ordination or congregation hall) houses mural paintings depicting the Jataka tales, stories about the past lives of Lord Buddha, including Vessandara and the play, Sangsinchai. The mural paintings also offer valuable insights into the traditional way of life and the folk culture of Northeastern Thailand.

Its Haw Trai or Tripitaka Library which houses ancient Buddhist scriptures provides a brilliant example of ancient folk know-how and reflects the resourcefulness and ingenuity of ancient Thais in their efforts to protect and preserve the priceless holy scriptures. In the hot and humid tropical climate, wooden structures, and items made of pulp, are particularly vulnerable to termite infestation. The wooden structure is raised on pillars over a pond thereby cutting off access to Tripitaka Library and minimising the risk.


Near Thung Sri Muang Park.


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