Wat Nong Papong

The temple grounds cover an area of 300 rai and are surrounded by forests, predominantly consisting of phong trees, hence the name of the temple — Wat Nong Papong. Founded by Luang Pho Cha Suphattho, also known as Phra Potiyan Theera, a renowned Vipassana (Buddhist Insight Meditation) monk, Wat Nong Papong temple is best known for its meditation practice.

Some 200 temples around the world have adopted the meditation approach initiated by Luang Pho Cha. The ubosoth ordination and congregation hall at the temple is versatile; the raised base of the structure is also used to store rain-water.

Ancient artefacts, such as bronzeware and woven cloths, found in the surrounding fields are housed at Phra Potiyan museum within the temple grounds. Relics of the venerable Luang Pho Cha are enshrined in a northeastern-Lanna (northern Thai) sytle pagoda situated within the temple grounds.


Ban Koh , Noan Hon, Warin Chamrap


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