Wat Sri Ubon Rattanaram

Wat Sri Ubon Rattanaram or Wat Si Thong temple

The ubosoth (ordination or congregation hall) was inspired by the ordination hall of Wat Benjamaborphit temple in Bangkok. Phra Bussaracum (or Topaz Buddha) in the Mara Vijaya pose, is the principle Buddha image installed in this royal monastery. The Buddha image is the designated guardian and protector of Ubon Ratchathani.

Sculpted from topaz by a Chiang Saen craftsman, the Buddha image reflects artistic excellence and features the finest qualities of exquisite Buddhist sculpture. The work was commissioned by Chao Pangkham of Chiang Rung, ancestor of the ruling house of Ubon Ratchathani. 

The Buddha image was a family heirloom invoked in rain-making rituals and subsequently featured in the Songkran Thai New Year Buddhist procession, in which the Buddha image is carried on a palanquin along city streets presenting an opportunity for residents in the community to pay respects to the image by performing a bathing ritual. Lustral water is poured over the Buddha image as a merit-making gesture.


Near the city hall on Upparat Road.


  • Tourism Authority of Thailand.

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