Wat Sanghathan Meditation Center

Sources: Sunny, Phra Claus, Internet, updated in March 2007


Wat Sanghathan
Bangphai, Muang, Nonthaburi 11000, Thailand
Tel.: +66 (2) 4471766 or +66 (2) 4470799 | Fax: 02-4472784
Internet: www.vimokkha.com & www.dhammawave.com | E-Mail: vimokkha@hotmail.com

Contact person is Khun Puky (she speaks fairly good English). Khun Puky has a stone-shop at the main entrance door. Ideally check in at her place as there might be no one speaking English inside the monastery area.
Tel: +66 (89) 0500052


The center is a quiet place for meditation. It consists of about 100 rai along the Chao-Phraya river. Many trees, ponds, and beautifully landscaped gardens let you forget that Bangkok is right there. The Uposoth hall contains the Buddha image Luangpho Toh. It is about 200 years old, 10 m high and 4 m wide and constitutes the Wat Sangathan sanctum.

Meditation system

The four basics of mindfulness (Satipatthana), observation of breath (Anapanasati) and other methods mentioned in the Buddhist scriptures.

Teaching method

Beginners are introduced to the technique. Later they participate in regular interviews. Sitting and walking meditation also in a group setting (see daily schedule).


Ven. Acharn Sanong, abbot, 56. Acharn Sanong speaks Thai and a little English. Several resident monks and nuns can help with translations.


Lay meditators are given a single room or a bed in the dorms. Women sleep in the nuns‘ section, men in the monks‘.


For participation in an intensive course in Ban Sawangjai Center (Khao Yai national park) registration is recommended.


It is possible to ordain as a monk or nun. You should have spent some time as lay meditator in the temple before, though.


Monks: 100–300, novices: 10–300 (during school holidays only), nuns: 30, lay meditators: 40–100.


One meal daily only. A rich variety of Thai dishes is offered buffet-style. It always includes some vegetarian dishes.


Free of charge. Donations are welcome.


All participants commit themselves to observe the eight silas (moral precepts). Clothing should be white, comfortable, and decent (no shorts or tank tops). In the monastery area there is a shop, where on can buy white clothing and the necessary. Permission is given to stay 7 days in Wat Sanghathan to meditate and study the Buddhadhamma. If you want to stay longer, you must ask the permission of Acharn Sanong. For your first stay in Wat Sanghathan please bring 2 passport pictures. Smoking is not permitted in the temple, and one should try to adhere to the daily schedule, observe noble silence, and respect the division of the sexes. There is only one meal a day.

Daily schedule

4:00 a.m.: morning chanting until 4:30 a.m. – then sitting meditation
6:00 a.m.: warm drinks in the kitchen
7:30 a.m.: walking meditation in the wood
9:30 a.m.: main meal (buffet)
12:30 a.m.: chanting and meditation behind the hall
3:30 p.m.: working meditation
4:30 p.m.: walking meditation behind the hall
5:30 p.m.: afternoon drinks and break for washing, laundry, rest
7:00 p.m.: evening chanting
8.00 p.m.: sitting meditation in the dhamma hall


There is a branch monastery of Wat Sanghathan -- Wat Pah Namtok Khemakko – located near Suphanburi. A German Mae Chee Maria lives there. In order to visit her please contact Khun Puky. There are 2 kutis for women visitors. Men may be accommodated in a tent spread over a bamboo platform in the forest or in the hall up on the hill.

From Bangkok take the mini bus to Dan Chang. It departs from the gasoline station beside Central Phra Pinklao Shopping Mall. (The mini bus may take 2-3 hr.) At Dan Chang from the same place where the mini bus stops take the bus to Ban Rai. After 15-20 minutes the bus will pass by the entrance to Wat Pa Namtok. The bus driver will let you off if he knows you want to go to Wat Pa Namtok. At this point it is about 15-20 minutes walk to the Wat. (If you telephone before coming the car from the Wat can probably collect you from Dan Chang.)

Address : T. Wang Kan, A. Dan Chang, Ch. Suphanburi 72180.
Tel: 081- 9812587, 087-1561834 | Email: cheemarie@yahoo.com

Bangkok–Nonthaburi. The fastest and easest way from Bangkok to Nonthaburi is to take "Chao-Phraya-Expressboat". You can enter the boat at the every ferry pier in Bangkok. Then get off at the station no. 28 "Wat Kien" (from Banglampoo 40 Min.). From there walk 5 min., then you get to Radio Station, the "back entrance". Wait at the station for the minibus with the sign ‘Wat Sanghathan', which will take you to the main entrance.