Wat Supattanaram Woraviharn

The first Dhamma Yuttikanikai temple in the northeast, Wat Supattanaram Woraviharn is the first royal monastery in Ubon Ratchathani. In 1850, King Rama V donated initial funds for the construction of the temple and named it, Supattana, meaning ‘temple in an ideal location’, as the temple is situated on the bank of the Mun River. The ubosoth (ordination or congregation hall) reflects Thai, Chinese and European influences. For example, the gable is adorned with stucco decorated with stained glass and is supported by Roman columns. Two stucco and brick singha, mythical lions, guard the front gate.

Phra Sapphanyu Chao, a magnificent Buddha image in the Mara Vijaya posture, (Victory over Mara or Subduing Mara, the demon), is the principle Buddha image. Ancient artefacts are kept in the Art and Culture Hall.


On the bank of the Mun River, Ubon Ratchathani.


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