Sorn-Thawee Meditation Centre

Sorn-Thawee Meditation Centre (Samnak Vipassana Sorn)


Early registration mandatory!
(if Ajahn Charlee is not there, possibly no one speaks English)
Sorn-Thawee Meditation Centre
Bangkla, Chachoengsao 24110, Thailand.


The very well-known center is surrounded by fields approximately 20 km from Chachoengsao in the district of Bangkla, approx. 80 km east of Bangkok. On the very pleasant grounds there are bungalows, trees, ponds, and a large dhamma hall. Very friendly atmosphere.

Tradition and Focus

Intensive Vipassana meditation in Mahasi tradition.


Phra Ajahn Charlee Jaruvanno.

Meditation Technique

Meditators receive individual instructions daily. During the retreat the four bases of mindfulness (observing the body, the feelings, the mind, and the mind objects) are practiced. All arising phenomena are noted mentally. The primary object of meditation during sitting is the rising and falling of the abdomen and during walking the movement of the foot. Formalpractice should be eight to twelve hours daily. All other activities should also be carried out mindfully.


Interviews in Thai or English.

Duration of Retreats and Dates

Since courses are individual there are no particular dates to observe. Recommended duration of stay is 50 days. 20 days are considered minimum. Only meditators staying for at least two weeks are accepted.


All participants vow to observe the eight silas (moral precepts) and noble silence. Wake-up is at 4:00am.

What To Bring

Before retreat, acquire digital alarm clock, flashlight, flip-flops, water bottle, insect repellant, and toilet articles. A sleeping bag is particularly useful during the cooler season. A warm jacket is recommended for morning meditation.


Individual kutis (bungalows) with bath and WC or single rooms.


Breakfast (6:30 a.m.) and lunch (11 a.m.) are varied and of good quality. Bring disinfectant to increase drinking water safety.


There is a daily fee (it used to be US$ 2) for running costs. Further donations for maintaining the center are welcome.

Climate and Best Time To Go

November to March.


Well suited for beginners and highly recommendable for its excellent conditions, intensive practice and expert individual instruction.

Best by bus from Bangkok (northern or eastern bus terminal) to Chachoengsao. Then change for the bus to Bangkla. After approx. 25 min. (shortly after a 17 km road mark where the bus turns to the left) get off. Cross the main road and follow the road about 300 m south, then turn right. The center is another 300 m.