Lanka Vipassana Centre

source: and Samanera S.


Lanka Vipassana Bhavana Centre, 108 Vijerama Mawatha, Colombo 00700, Sri Lanka.
Tel: 0094-11-2694100

Description and Tradition

The center is in Colombo and accepts men and women interested in intensive Vipassana meditation according to Mahasi Sayadaw.

Meditation Technique

The development of constant mindfulness (no breaks) is valued highly in this Vipassana method according to Mahasi Sayadaw. During formal meditation alternation is beween one hour sitting and one hour walking. Outside formal meditation mindfulness is directed towards the task of the moment: eating, walking, laundry etc. The primary object of meditation during sitting is usually the rising and lowering of the abdomen. Several times per week there is an interview with the teacher.


Part of a building with single rooms and shared baths. Women live in a separate area.



Recommended Reading

  • Sayadaw U Pandita: "In this Very Life"
  • Mahasi Sayadaw: "Practical Insight Meditation – Basic and Progressive Stages", Buddhist Publication Society, Sri Lanka
  • The Mahasi Center‘s homepage ( has additional recommended books to download.