Island Hermitage (Polgasduwa)

source: leaflet and Samanera S.


Island Hermitage (Polgasduwa), To the Monk in Charge, 80250 Dodanduwa, Galle District, Sri Lanka.
Tel: 0094 91 54 52 453


To preserve the tranquil and secluded character of the center is is mandatory to apply and wait for an invitation. Only with this invitation the boat will take you there!

Ven. Mettavihari Thera of the Narada Buddhist Center, 380/9 Sarana Road, 10700 Colombo may help (E-mail:


The Island Hermitage is a monk hermitage in the Theravada forest tradition. It was founded in 1911 by the first German monk, Ven. Nyanatiloka. Polgasduwa is about 104 km from Colombo and about 5 km south of the seaside resort of Hikkaduwa.

Seriously interested males can pursue Buddhist studies or meditation techniques of the Theravada tradition. Excellent library (German and English books) and good atmosphere for practice. Sanitary areas are a bit run down.


Double kutis (sufficient space in between).




Humid and hot.

What to Bring

For overnight stays, bring passport with valid visa, alarm clock, flashlight with spare batteries, umbrella, insect repellant, sheet cover and blanket or a light sleeping bag. White upasaka clothing (white shirt and white sarong or trousers).

From Colombo take bus or train direction of Galle and get off in Dodanduva. From there, walk to the laguna or take a threewheeler for the short way.