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Dhammakuta-Vipassana Meditation Centre
Mowbray Galaha Road, Hindagala (near Kandy), Peradeniya
Tel: 0094-81-2234649
information also through BPS Kandy, Sangharaja Mawatha (Kandy Lake)


Vipassana according to U Ba Khin (Burma), S.N. Goenka Center.

Course Duration and Dates

Throughout the year, 3-, 10-, and 21-day courses are offered. For beginners, a 10-day course is recommended. Timely preregistration is necessary. Timetable and application form can be ordered; you can also apply personally.


Silent retreats with intensive sitting meditation and a daily lecture.

Meditation Technique and Schedule

First three days Anapanasati, i.e.observation of breath. Concentrating on inhaling and exhaling. Breath is only observed, not manipulated. From day three, Vipassana meditation in the tradition of U Ba Khin. In the "step by step" or "body-sweeping“ method the bodily sensations are systematically observed. When the body is scanned from head to toe, another round is performed in the opposite direction. Sensations are not judged but only observed. The course ends with an exercise for the development of loving kindness.

Teacher and Guidance

After 14 years of practice, his teacher U Ba Khin gave S.N. Goenka teaching permission in 1969. Goenkaj stems from a wealthy Indian industrial family and grew up in Burma where he was raised in the Hindu tradition. Today he lives in India. Since there are more than 50 centers world-wide which adhere to this tradition, Goenkajs instructions are presented on video or audio tape.


Burmese and English.


Vegetarian. If you want to be sure about water potability, bring own disinfectant.


Singhalese and English.




All participants commit themselves to stay for the entire retreat, to adhere to schedule, to keep silence, not to read and write. Sexual activities are to be discontinued for the duration of the retreat and the five or eight (old students) silas (moral practice precepts) to be adhered to. Clothes should be comfortable, white and decent (no shorts and tank tops).




Well suited for serious practitioners with retreat experience, desiring intensive practice. Also suited for beginners who have no particular problem sitting for long periods of time and who are ready to submit to an intensive and stringent daily schedule.

Train from Colombo to Sarasavi Uyana Peradeniya station. From there walk to Galaha Road (shortcut through the university campus), then take the bus from Galaha Road to Mahakanda Junction.