Panditarama Meditation Centre

by Dieter Baltruschat using a leaflet of Panditarama

Panditarama Meditation Centre (Shwe Taung Gon Sasana Yeiktha)


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Panditarama Meditation Centre
80-A, Thanlwin Road, Shwe Gon Dine P.O., Bahan 11201, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma).
Tel: 0095-1-535448 / 0095-1-705525 | Email: panditarama
Infos teachers and center:


The Panditarama is situated in a fairly quiet area in a Yangon suburb. It was founded in 1990 by Ven. Sayadaw U Pandita, one of the most notable teachers of the Mahasi tradition. The rather compact center has a stylish and fairly sizeable meditation hall. There is an information office where very good books by Sayadaw U Pandita can be bought at a good price. Mainly Burmese yogis practise there. Westerners are usually recommended to go to the forest center of Hse Main Gon which is about 1 to 2 hs by car and offers ideal conditions for practice. But for many, the Panditarama is the first station because it is easily reached from Yangon center.

Spiritual Guidance

Sayadaw U Pandita is over 80, teaches since 1951, is considered one of the most notable teachers in the Mahasi Sayadaw tradition and has longstanding experience with Western disciples. Teachers in the centre have an excellent reputation!

Meditation Technique

Observation of body, feelings, mind, and mind objects. Primary object of meditation during sitting is rising and falling of the abdomen. Several times per week there is an interview with the meditation teacher.


During the interviews a translator is present, because most teachers speak little English.

Duration of Courses and Dates

Since there are no group retreats, no dates need to be observed.


Clean sanitary rooms. Bed with fair mattress, sheets, blanket, pillow, mosquito net and thermos are provided by the center.

What to Bring

Insect repellant, water disinfectant, and medications should be brought in sufficient quantities from home. A light sleeping bag and a warm fleece jacket are particularly useful during the winter months. Pads for sitting are available, but bring your own pillow. Items of daily use such as toiletries, flashlight, batteries, flip-flops, and water bottle, can be bought in Yangon.


Meals are nourishing, tasty, and varied and are prepared hygienically. Vegetarians will have no problem. Evenings at 5 p.m., juice is available. After breakfast (5 a.m.) and lunch (10 a.m.) you can fill your thermos with hot water. Drinking water is filtered and, as a rule, potable, still be careful. If you want to be on the safe side, bring disinfectant. Sometimes large vats with mineral water are set up for refilling your bottle.


Support of the center is exclusively through donations. Thus, the center is dependent on the voluntary support through participants.


Participants should dedicate at least 14 hours a day to formal practice (walking and sitting meditation) and limit other activities (e.g., laundry) to a minimum. Reading, writing (except taking notes) and walks should be avoided. The eight silas (moral precepts) should be observed. Clothing should be comfortable, practical, and decent (no shorts or tank tops). Traditionally, white blouses and shirts are recommended. Men and women wear a brown longyi (sarong or wrap-around skirt) that can be obtained at the center.

Climate and Best Time To Go

Tropical climate. The cooler dry season from November to February are the best months. From March on very hot.


Visa mandatory. Tourist visa is valid four weeks. If you want to enter with a meditation visa you must ask for a so-called sponsorship letter from the center, which must be sent to the Burmese embassy together with the visa application. For processing, reckon on about three months. Visa extensions are also possible. Take sufficient passport pictures (about 10) for the various forms.


Sayadaw U Pandita: “In this Very Life“. It can be downloaded from the Panditarama homepage.


Worth a visit, but all things considered for longer stays the forest center Hse Main Gon is better suited.

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Taxi from the airport is about US$ 5, from Yangon center about US$ 2.