Shwegugyi Pagoda

Shwegugyi Pagoda was built by King Alaung Sithu during A.D 1131. This pagoda is located near the entrance of the Royal Palace therefore also known as Nan Oo Paya in Myanmar. Shwegugyi Pagoda was built on top of a 13 feet high platform giving it an impression like a mushroom coming out of the ground. It is facing towards the north of Bagan.

<< Shwegugyi Pagoda

On the north-western corner of the pagoda is a small stone staircases leading up to the other levels. Shwegugyi pagoda was constructed between the early and mid Bagan periods. The architectural design of this monument is formed into a place of good lighting and ventilation. There are statues of nats around the platform of the pagoda.

There is a great masonry work inside, but decorated with glazed greenish coloured plaques from the outside. There are about 20 pagodas with Bagan style glazed plaques and Shwegugyi represents one of those monuments. In the main hall of the pagoda lies the two original stone inscriptions of the Pagoda. There are also poems and phrases on the walls of the pagoda.