Golgul-sa Temple

City: Gyeongju & Country: South Korea

Golgul-sa (rock cave temple) is the Buddhist complex built around Golgul-am Maae Yeorae Chwasang (Rock Cave Hermitage of the Maae Yeorae Seated Buddha), designated Treasure #581. The large Buddha relief was cut into the mountain, and represents Buddhas of the late Shilla Kingdom. Built in 6th century by Saint Kwang Yoo and his companion monks from India, it remains Korea's only cave temple.

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Altogether, the complex has twelve caves. A series of narrow paths and tunnels carved into the mountain side connect the various caves and grottos. Although the paths have railings, people who suffer from vertigo or fear heights should not attempt to go to some areas. In addition to the monks who live here, a large colony of chipmunks have also taken up residence, scampering around the cliffs and living off offerings to Buddha left by the devout. The temple is also famous for training in Sonmudo, a Zen martial art.


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