Bulguk-sa Temple

City: Gyeongju & Country: South Korea

Originally built in 528, Bulguk-sa provides an excellent example of architecture from the Shilla Dynasty. Literally meaning "Buddha Land," it remained intact for more than 1,000 years before the Japanese destroyed it in 1593. Only a few of the buildings were rebuilt until the 1970s when it was completely reconstructed. It is designated Historic and Scenic Place #1. UNESCO recognized it as an international cultural property in 1995.

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Set amid the foothills of T'ohamsan, the beautiful aesthetics of the buildings complement the surrounding area. The scenes are breathtaking with the changing colors of autumn. The temple compound houses a number of national treasures, including Blue Cloud Bridge and White Cloud Bridge, Lotus Flower Bridge and Seven Treasures Bridge, Seokka Pagoda, and Tabo Pagoda. It also contains a gift shop with many books in English and Japanese.


Winter: 7:30am - 5:30pm / Summer: 7:00am - 6:00pm.

Adults: 4,000 won; Youths: 3,000 won; Children: 2,000 won.

Downtown Gyeongju -> #7 National Road -> turn left at Gujeong-dong three-way road in front of Bulguk-sa Station -> #902 local road -> 2.5 km. -> Bulguk-sa.