Wuwei has very long history since there were people living here 5000 years ago. Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty (206B.C.-220A.D.) sent General Huo Qubing (140-117B.C.) to attack the Hexi Corridor in 121B.C. After successfully defeating the Huns and seizing the territory by Qilian Mountain, Emperor Wu named Wuwei as a city's name in order to cite the heroic exploits and great contribution of General Huo. During the period of Three Kingdoms, Wu Kingdom set its government here, later, the Former Liang (317--376 A.D.), the Later I.iang (386--403 A.D.), the Southern Liang (397--414 A.D.) and the Northern Liang (401--439 A.D.) and some other dynasties all had their capitals here, therefore, the town of Wuwei got another name "Liangzhou".

Climatic Features

temperate, semiarid climate; frost free period of 85-165 days

Average Temperature

7.7C annually, January is the coldest, with the average temperature of -8.7C, July is the hottest, with the average temperature of 21.9C


annual precipitation 158mm


Mt. Qilian


Shiyang River and its branches


honeydew melon, wine, vinegar, flour

Local Highlights

the Han Tomb of Leitai, Tiantishan Grottoes, Confucian Temple, White Pagoda Temple