Dajue Temple

Dajue Temple (Temple of Enlightenment) stands at the foot of Yangtai Hill, in Beijing's western suburbs. The rolling hills here are sometimes said to resemble a sleeping lion.

The vista of two flanking temples, the Lotus Temple and the Temple of Universal Grace-sitting atop Hills, to the west and east of the Temple of Enlightenment, is popularly described as 'a lion rolling two embroidered balls'.

The principal structures in the temple are the Maitreya (Future Buddha) Hall, with a peaceful courtyard. The roof brackets and columns of the halls date from the early Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

A mountain spring flows by the Qiyun (Restful Clouds) Pavilion in the rear courtyard.

By the spring is a stupa which stands at the highest point in the temple complex.

On the grounds there is a giant 1,000-year-old gingko tree, a pool formed of giant white stone slabs, and ancient magnolia trees. On the top of the temple is a Liao Dynasty pagoda embraced by a cypress and pine.

10 yuan (US$1.2).

Take bus route 346 at the Summer Palace to Beianhe Station.
Tel: 6245-6163