Located on quiet, secluded Makio Mountain, Saimyo-ji is a temple of the Shingon sect. It was founded in 832 by a pupil of Kukai (founder of Shingon Buddhism). It is also known as Byodoshinno-in (temple).


The current structure was built in 1700 to coincide with the acceptance of Buddhism by Keishoin mother of the 5th Shogun of the Edo period. The 51cm image of the Shaka-Nyorai (Buddha) is considered an Important Cultural Property. 

The year 1047 is stamped on an inner chamber of the statue. Beside this statue stands an image of the Thousand-armed Kannon the face of which has finely carved features. It was made during the Heian period (794-1185) and is an Important Cultural Property.

What to see

Saimyoji Temple is a favorite place for viewing autumn leaves.

Alias Name

Byodoshinno-in (byodoshinno-in).


1 Makino-o-cho Umegahata Ukyo-ku.
Tel: 075-861-1770 | Fax: 075-861-2118

By Bus
City Bus: Takao stop - walk 10 min.
JR Bus: Makino-o stop - walk 5 min.

9:00am - 5:00pm. The temple is closed from December 31 - January 1.

9:00am - 4:50pm.
About 20 minute(s).

Adults - 300 yen, Groups of 30 or more - 250 yen, Children admitted free, Disabled people at 150 yen (helpers admitted free).