A venerable temple of the Jodo sect founded around 895 and commonly known as Sagashaka-do. In 987 Chonen a priest of Todaiji Temple (Nara) returned from China and began planning a temple to be called Daiseiryu-ji.

Chonen died without realizing his ambition. Chonen's pupil Seisan carried out his last wish and established Seiryu-ji in the precincts of Seika-ji Temple. As the principal image he installed a statue of the Shaka Nyorai (the Buddha who founded the faith) brought over from China by Chonen. 

Articles shaped to resemble internal organs were placed inside the statue such that it came to be called 'the living Buddha.' In time Seiryu-ji overshadowed Seika-ji. Only a Buddha pavilion retains the name Seika-ji.

Alias Name

Sagashaka-do (sagashaka-do).


46 Fujinoki-cho, Sagashakado, Kyoto, 26 616-8447 Japan.
Tel: +81 (0)75 861 0343 | Fax: +81 (0)75-861-0310

By Railway
Keifuku Railway: Arashiyama -walk 15 min.

By Bus
City Bus and Kyoto Bus: Sagashakadomae - 1 min walk.

9:00am - 4:00pm daily.

About 30 minute(s).

To Main Hall - 300 yen; groups (30+) at 270 yen; children admitted free; fees reduction for disabled people.

Reservations are required for groups only (telephone or postcard).