This Buddhist temple complex includes a large stupa (dome-shaped structure housing sacred relics) about 2500 years old – the oldest in Nepal.

To reach it, there's a short climb up a hill where hundreds of prayer flags flutter and troops of rhesus monkeys give a clue to its name.

The area is full of monks as well as markets to satisfy spiritual and material needs, and has great views of Kathmandu nestled in a valley with mountains in the distance.

The stupa has a metal tower painted with the eyes of Buddha which watch devotees go about their business. To newcomers, the eyes may seem a little odd, even creepy, but they are, in fact, benevolent.

There are dozens of prayer wheels to turn as you walk around, each multiplying each prayer. In a city of religious tolerance there is also a Hindu pagoda and a giant Buddha.

All around, visitors make offerings, light candles and reflect on the deeper meaning of life. Naturally, there are markets where you can buy anything from "singing bowls" to prayer flags.