Rigpe Dorje Institute Pullahari Monastery (Tibetian Tradition)


The Rigpe Dorje Institute at Pullahari Monastery is situated in serene seclusion on the northern foothills of the Kathmandu valley, overlooking the holy Great Stupa of Boudhanath. Both the Institute and the Monastery are surrounded by beautiful gardens and one has a great view of the valley in all the four directions. In this wonderful place, the age-old traditions of study, prayers and contemplation go on in the monastery, side by side with teachings and meditation instructions and guidance to lay practitioners from all over the world. The environment of the Rigpe Dorje Institute is conducive to the pursuit of deeper understanding and appreciation of the Buddha dharma through study and practice. The wondrous stupa of the Third Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche pervades the whole place with loving warmth and blessings.


Mahayana/Vajrayana, Karma Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism.

Main Emphasis

Teachings on Buddhist philosophy and classes in Tibetan language and scriptures. Meditation on Shamatha, Vipassana and Mahamudra.

Meditation Technique

Meditation on Shamatha, Vipassana and Mahamudra in the Mahayana and Vajrayana tradition.

Spiritual Head

His Eminence Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche. H.E. Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche is one of the lineage holders of His Holiness the Karmapa whose 17th incarnation is the Gyalwa Karmapa Urgyen Trinley Dorje.

Teachers and Course Guidance

Drupon Khenpo Lodro Namgyal, Khenpo Chokey Gyaltsen.


English, Tibetan.

Duration of Courses and Dates

The retreat facilities at the Rigpe Dorje Institute are open throughout the year to engaged Buddhists for study and meditation. Interviews with lamas and qualified teachers in residence for guidance in study and practice can be arranged.

During the winter and spring seasons –- from January to March – teachings and meditation programmes are offered, conducted by Drupon Khenpo Lodro Namgyal and other teachers. Classes on Tibetan language and Buddhist scriptures are also offered.

Winter Retreat Programme

2 months, January and February.

Spring Retreat Programme

2 to 3 weeks, March
The dates for the programmes can vary slightly. For detailed information please visit the website www.jamgonkongtrul.org


Single and double rooms, with private or common bathrooms, are available. Beddings and linens are provided. Students are advised to bring a torchlight, hot water flask, and in winter a warm sleeping bag and a hot water bottle. The meals are vegetarian. Drinking water is boiled and filtered.


Kathmandu has good medical and diagnostic facilities. Besides numerous clinics there are also private hospitals and Tibetan and Ayurvedic medical treatments available. The nearest medical facility to the Institute is the University Teaching Hospital, 30 minutes walk and 10 minutes by car away.

Rates (per day)

Single Room US$ 8, single room with attached bathroom US$ 12, double room US$ 12, double room with attached bathroom US$ 20. The room rates include three vegetarian meals, morning and afternoon teas, beddings, linens and hot water showers from November to May.

Tibetan Classes

For beginners and advanced. Minimum enrolment is 1 month.


US$ 50 for one month, US$ 100 for two months.

Registration Fee for Retreat Programmes

US$ 25 (non-refundable).


The Rigpe Dorje Programme teachings in winter and spring are free, and personal offerings to the teachers and translators are encouraged.

Wire transfers, checks, traveler checks, and cash payments are accepted in Nepalese Rupees and in the major trading currencies.


Students are encouraged to be sensitive to the monastic environment at Pullahari Monastery, and respect and help maintain the environment of contemplation at the Rigpe Dorje Institute. Those who enroll at the annual Rigpe Dorje Winter Programme are required to attend all sessions of the main teachings and at least one language or scriptures class.

Useful Information

Taxis to Pullahari from the airport: It is cheaper to get a taxi from the stands outside the arrival hall. A reasonable price is between Rs. 450 and Rs. 550. Taxis from Boudhanath: Available outside the main gate of the Boudhanath Stupa. The charge is Rs. 250. Pullahari is about 40 minutes from the airport and 30 minutes from Boudhanath.

Go from Boudhanath to Jorpati to the Gokarna Shiva Mandir (an old Hindu temple). Turn sharply left opposite the temple. You will see a pine forest before you. Travel along the road for about 15 minutes until you reach the Shree Jana Jagriti Lower Secondary School. Take another sharp turn left. You will be on the road up to Pullahari Monastery. The walk will take about an hour.