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Daegu (Taegu) City

Daegu (Taegu) City Although Daegu is Korea's 3rd largest city, much of it still retains a countryside feel. The views of Palgong-san to the north and Ap-san to the south are hidden by smog less often than the mountains encircling Seoul.

The area is a major textile center for Korea, producing vast amounts of cloth and clothing. It also serves as a major hub for metal and machine industries, with several manufacturing plants from the nation's largest conglomerates.
Agriculturally, the area has much farmland and is especially known for its apples (resulting from grafting American apple tress to local crab apple trees by Presbyterian missionaries in the early 20th century).

Buddhism in Daegu

Visitors to religious places in Daegu often realize the magnificence of Buddhism through the virtues of these places’ natural beauty as well as quietness and serenity. Among the places of interest are:

- Tongilyak-sa
- Eunjeok-sa
- Donghwa-sa


Daegu (Taegu) City has 6 lodging facilities listed with Life in Korea. See the full list for this area.


Bus: The Hanjin Express Bus Terminal and Hanil-Ch'eonil Express Bus Terminal are located across the street from each other, near Tongdaegu Train Station (Shinch'eon-dong, Dong-gu), and the Seo (West) Express Bus Terminal (Nowon-dong, Puk-gu) is located in the northwestern area of Daegu. All have express buses to most major cities in Korea. For less popular destinations, you will need to use one of the 4 inter-city bus terminals: Dongbu (east- Shinch'eon-dong, Dong-gu), Seobu (west- DaeMyeong-dong, Nam-gu), Nambu (south- MIncheon-dong, Suseong-gu), and Pukbu (north- Pisan-dong, Seo-gu).

Plane: Daegu Airport is 2 km outside of Daegu to the northeast and has several flights to and from Seoul and Jeju Island daily. It also has a few flights to and from Sokch'o, via Seoul.

Subway: Line 1 runs from the southwest, through downtown Daegu, stopping at both train stations, then continues on to the suburbs to the east.

Train: Daegu Station on the Kyeongbu Line (Seoul to Busan) is centrally located near the downtown area. All trains, except for the Saemaul Express trains stop here. One stop away is Dong (East) Daegu Station, where Saemaul Express (and all other trains) stop. This station is the terminus for the Daegu Line which runs between Daegu and Kyongju and also connects to the Jungang Line which goes north from Yeongch'eon.

Source: Life in Korea: Daegu

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