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Association of Engaged Buddhists (Sydney, Australia)

The Association of Engaged Buddhists provides assistance and support to those who are suffering from serious or life-threatening illness throughout the Greater Sydney area. All major hospitals and hospices are visited by Sangha or volunteer members.

The Association also provides a home visitation service to anyone requesting this service. Sangha and members provide guidance and instruction in meditation practice (including various healing practices) to people in their homes, hospices, or hospitals. They also assist in other ways such as pain relief, preparation for death and grief counselling.

Currently the Association is attempting to establish a live-in hospice/retreat centre in the Sydney area in order to provide more intensive assistance to those who might benefit from such an opportunity.

Various fund-raising activities are taking place in order to realise this goal. Anyone who is interested or who would like to assist in establishing this centre can obtain more information from Sangha Lodge.

Inquires: Ven. Tejadhammo
Phone/Fax: (02) 9590 3617
Sangha Lodge: 20 Victoria Street, Lewisham, Sydney, NSW 2049

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