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Namco Lake: Gate to the Heavenly waters

China Tibet Information Center, Published on the Buddhist Channel, Nov 17, 2004

Dangxiong County, China -- Namco Lake is 4718 metres above the sea level,70 kilometres in lenghth,30 kilometres in wideth and 1940 square kilometers in size. It is located 60 kilometres northwest of Dangxiong County, lying at the foot of Nyainqentanglha Mountain. It is both the highest and biggest salt water lake in the world. In the eyes of the Tibetans, Nam Co is the partner of Nyaintanglha, and the Guardian of the Bon religion.


Autumn Intended to Leave but Stayed at the Mountain Temple

by Seung-Ha Cho, Digital Chosun, NOVEMBER 11, 2004

Seoul, South Korea -- Mountain Baekam (741m) showed its white tip among the reddish autumn foliage. The beautiful features of the mountain are accentuated with the backdrop of the high blue autumn sky. This mountain doesn't bow. Its defiant energy seems to shout a command to the earth and the sky with its unbent neck. For an earthy element, it must be sad not to be born as a mountain on the earth, Just like a constellation element, it's shameful not to become a sun.


Living like a monk

by John Scott Marchant, The Korea Herald, Nov 10, 2004

Buddhist temple stay programs help foreigners experience Korea

Seoul, South Korea -- Gong! Gong! Gong! Gong! The world is filled with the divine voice of Buddha as the deep resonating tones of the Jagwang Temple bell ring out 28 times across the darkened Yuseong countryside near Daejeon. Ready or not, it's 5 a.m. and time for the morning ceremony; it's time to start living like a monk.


Leshan giant Buddha

Xinhuanet, Nov 8, 2004

BEIJING, China -- Leshan Giant Buddha is one of the most magnificent tourist attractions in Sichuan Province. It's located on the West side of Xiluan Peak (Phoenix Perched Peak) of Mount Lingyun, just east of Leshan City. Overlooking the confluence of the Minjiang, Qingyi and Dadu rivers, the Buddha is carved into the cliffs of Mt. Lingyun. A local saying describes the Buddha like this: "The mountain unveils a Buddha, while the Buddha fades into the mountain."



Story and photos by THANIN WEERADET, The bangkok Post, Nov 10, 2004

Colombo, Sri Lanka -- "Hello. Where are you from. Are you Buddhist", began the conversation as we strolled the streets of Sri Lanka. It was the standard greeting that I would be hearing again and again on this trip to Sri Lanka.


In and around Lumbini

Story by NISSARA HORAYANGURA, Bangkok Post, Nov 9, 2004

Lumbini, Nepal -- Architect Kenzo Tange's master plan for Lumbini's development is large in scope - it covers an area of 2.56 square kilometres - yet minimalist in terms of aesthetics. It avoids the erection of monumental structures and is instead heavy on symbolism.


Little Tibet, big impact

By ELIZABETH DALZIEL, The Advertiser, Oct 23, 2004

Leh, Ladakh (India) -- THEY are trekkers and seekers, backpackers and Buddhist followers, and they come to Ladakh for both spiritual sustenance and for rugged hikes amid ancient monasteries and snow-capped mountains.


Paekyang-sa: The Temple Named After a Sheep

By Jeffrey Miller, The Korea Times Feature Writer, Oct 27, 2004

PAEKYANG-SA - Visit almost any Buddhist temple in Korea and there is likely to be some legend or myth associated with its name or how it was founded.


Experience Buddhist monk life through templestay

By John Scott Marchant, The Korea Herald, Oct 22, 2004

Seoul, South Korea  -- It's 5 a.m. and the world is filled with the divine voice of Buddha as the deep resonating tones of the Jagwang Temple bell rings out 28 times across the darkened Yuseong countryside. Ready or not, it's time for the morning ceremony; it's time to start living like a monk.


Artisans chisel wisdom out of Buddhist tower

by Cu Mai Cong, Vietnam News Service, Oct 18, 2004

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam -- After more than two years of painstaking work, a group of young workers finally gave a sigh of relief when they finished engraving the seven-storey tower within the Vinh Nghiem Pagoda, the largest Buddhist centre in HCM City late last year.

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