Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum is a living cultural monument in the heart of Chinatown housing what is reputed to be the Sacred Buddha Tooth Relic in a magnificent Relic Stupa composed of 420kg of gold donated by devotees. Everyday the inner chamber will be unveiled at stipulated timings in a ceremony conducted by resident monks and the public can view the Relic Stupa.

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The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple (Singapore) (BTRTS) was founded in 2002 by Venerable Shi Fa Zhao. Building of the Temple was dedicated to Maitreya Buddha, also called 'The Buddha of the Future'. The temple's vision states, "In accordance with The Great Compassionate Vows of The Maitreya Buddha, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple (Singapore) seeks to be the best Buddhist cultural complex in the region."

What to see

The BTRTS building was conceptualised and designed by Venerable Shi Fa Zhao, aided by a team of local and overseas consultants. A number of draft designs were developed incorporating the best of Tang Dynasty and the Buddhist Mandala. A great deal of research has been made to ensure accuracy and authenticity.

Mountain Gate

Entering the temple from the busy South Bridge Road, you will first cross the very traditional “Mountain Gate”. In the courtyard you will discover a world very much different from the hustle and bustle of the busy Chinatown streets. You will see a typical Bell Tower on your right and a corresponding Drum Tower on the opposite left side. Next to the Drum Tower is the main reception office, where devotees and visitors can register for the various temple services and programmes. Opposite, next to the Bell Tower, is the Offerings Shop, where you can obtain flowers, candles, incense, etc for your offerings to the various Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. In the courtyard, you will observe the beautiful bronze incense holder, the stone flag and lantern posts, etc.

This entrance gateway will have 3 doors in traditional Tang Dynasty look, constructed entirely of “Balau” timber, gilt bronze studs on the red lacquered doors and topped with specially crafted traditional Japanese roof tiles. A pair of gilt bronze roof dragons at the roof top provides contrast with the exquisite grey roof. The elaborate “dougong” is a marvel of geometry and craftsmanship. This magnificent gateway frames the Temple experience and sets the tone for the rest of your visit.

Bell Tower

On the ground floor of the Bell Tower is an elegant altar housing a beautifully carved wooden Kristisgarbra Bodhisattva. This Bodhisattva statue reflects the magnanimous vows of this compassionate Bodhisattva to save all sentient beings. It was hand carved by master carver, Mr Zhan Weichen from Yueqing Global Arts and Crafts Factory of Zhejiang Province, China.

The Temple Bell is found on the second floor of the Bell Tower. It is specially designed in Wuhu Zao Chuan Chang, China, a shipyard producing the best and most melodic temple bells in China. Each toll of the bell lasts 2 minutes as the deep resonating sound refuses to fade. The bronze bell weighs 3 tons in the traditional Tang design. It is inscribed with the Paramita Sutra. The Bell was casted in Wuhu on 24th June 2006.

Ksitigabha Bodhisattva

The Past Vows of the Earth Store Bodhisattva Sutra says this Bodhisattva is, “still like the earth, quiet thought leads to secret treasures”. Hence, this Bodhisattva’s name of Ksitigabha , or Earth Store, or ‘Di Zhang’. In Mahayana practice, there are a few versions of Ksitigabha Bodhisattva images, normally he appears in the form with his left hand holding a pearl, right hand holding a staff, or puts on a octagon hat. The Ksitigabha Bodhisattva to be placed in the BTRTS is different from others, he has a suit of armour, wears a beautiful hat, his left hand carries a pearl, right hand holding the staff and riding a magnificent horse.

This Ksitigabha Bodhisattva would fullfill one’s wishes - granting success, like medicine able to cure all sickness, protection from accidents, eliminate all the sins and bad karma, stop worries and natural disasters. Hence, ultimately helps one to achieve Awakening.

Drum Tower

On the ground floor of the Drum Tower, you will find an altar dedicated to the Yellow Dzambhala Diety. This Dzambhala will grant prosperity to those who have the faith. This specially carved wood statue is from Mr Zhan Weichen of Yueqing Global Arts and Crafts Factory of Zhejiang Province, China.

The Temple Drum is specially handcrafted in Taiwan “Chuan Lung Art Co Ltd” with traditional materials and techniques from a single piece of rosewood. It will be painted in traditional Tang motifs and colour. This large 1 meter drum produces a deep and loud resounding boom to complement the Temple Bell.

Yellow Dzambhala

Yellow Dzambhala, the Tibetan name for Yellow Wealth God, is one of the five Gods of Wealth who takes care of fortunes. He is able to help beings by getting rid of poverty, and leading them to abundance of wealth. It is said that there was a time at Grdhrakuta Mountain, when Buddha Shakyamuni was giving the teaching of Maha Prajna-paramita Sutra, some demons and maras came to interrupt by trying to shake and collapse the mountain, all at the scene were terrified. At such instance, Yellow Dzambhala manifested himself and protected all from the disaster. After which Buddha Shakyamuni entrusted Yellow Dzambhala to help all beings overcome poverty and to be the great dharma protector in future.

Yellow Dzambhala appears in the image with a big belly and a small body frame, strong arms and golden skin. His right hand holds a precious “morni” pearl, whilst his left hand grasps a mongoose spouting jewels from its mouth. He wears a crown of the five Buddhas, clad with celestial costume, adorned with blue lotus flowers and ornaments of various jewels, such as pearls and jade. With “utpala” prayer beads hanging on his neck, he is seated in a relaxed manner with his left foot folded and his right foot stepping on a precious conch shell, and is seated peacefully on a lotus pedestal with a moon disc.


4.30am – 9.00pm

288 South Bridge Road S(058840)
Tel: 6220 0220 | Fax: 62201261 | Email: services@btrts.org.sg

Take the MRT to Chinatown Station. Exit onto Pagoda Street. Turn right at the exit and BTRTM is a short 5 min walk away. Click here to view MRT route map.

Sacred Buddha Tooth Relic Stupa Curtain opening times:
9.00am – 11.00am
2.00pm – 3.30pm
6.30pm – 8.00pm

5am Morning Chanting
11am Buddha Offerings
4pm Evening Chanting
8pm Drum
8.15pm Bell
8.45pm Closing

Viewing of Sacred Buddha Tooth Relic
14-16th day of 1st lunar month (Chinese New Year & Birthday of Maitreya Buddha)
8-15th day of 4th lunar month (Vesak)